Let Your Dreams Inspire You

Maggie Joao of Coaching Life An interview with Maggie João , an Executive and Life Coach accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and the Academy of Executive Coaching. She heads the International Institute of Coaching in Portugal. She is also a writer.

Before running her own coaching practice, her business background consisted of ten successful years in Manufacturing and Supply Chain with various global organisations within the auto, food and services sector. She has travelled the world and lived in 12 countries.

With clients in three continents, Maggie practises non-directive and non-judgmental coaching in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

This insightful interview starts with Maggie’s transitional journey into the practice of Executive and Life coaching and covers what it takes to be an executive and life coach, competencies and skills required, how to avoid common mistakes in life coaching & the coaching opportunity in leadership for entrepreneurs. There’s no doubt that in business, life coaching is a solid option in embarking on a journey of self-discovery – so why not let your dreams inspire you?

Visit the website at www.coachinglife.eu

The full article, “The Manager Coach”, as referenced in the interview & written by Maggie João.

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