09 E Commerce Expo 2010 for Small Business

E Commerce Expo 2010, London provides the scene for this week’s podcast episode. This is an event organised for anyone interested in E Commerce to explore what the web has to offer. Enjoy listening to some of the industry’s top professionals and business people speak about the real issues every Small Business Entrepreneur ought to consider in this digital revolution.

In this part 1 of a 2 Part Series, I speak to Gemma Haggarty, the Head of Minute Steak, a London based PPC and SEO Solutions Company . Minute Steak is ideally suited for small business advertisers with smaller advertising budgets and who do not require a full service digital agency, but still want access to a team of experts that can develop cost effective search strategies.

I also speak with Jean-Philippe Donnio , the President and Managing Director of tbs-internet, a company specializing in electronic transactions security and digital certificates. We discuss SSL certificates, internet browser security as well as the significance and process of securing the digital certificate authenticating websites as secure to transact online. If your business is trading online, you need to be aware of security and fraud risk.

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