17 Son Grills Dad over Book

A really special episode in which my son, Tinashe, a Journalism and Communications undergraduate student, interviews me about my book, PIMP YOR BIZ, launched this week.

It was great to be in the hot seat for a change and face the music. Amongst other things, I get grilled on:

What inspired me to write The Book?

How I came up with Book Title?

A brief outline of the book itself

My reasons for opting for an eBook format

What makes my book different from other books covering similar subjects?

This young man is so smart, he managed to plug his own blog in the first minute of our interview, on my own show !

Check out Tinashe’ s Blog

For a Sneak Preview of the Book, Here is your complimentary  {filelink=5}   Link.

How to Get The Full eBook Package

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