SmallBiz Kaizen Podcast now listed on iTunes

smallbizkaizen podcast logo 600x

a Small Business Podcast is born

SmallBizKaizen podcast has made a smashing debut on the iTunes Store with exactly, well one subscriber on day 1 ! Not bad for day one.  This is really exciting for us as it makes it so much easier for all listeners to subscribe freely to the podcast RSS feed by simply clicking the subscribe button in i Tunes.

It’s really simple to find the listing, simply search for “SmallBizKaizen” or “Kaizen”  or “Brian Venge” in the search field and you’ll find a logo that looks similar to the one in this post. Hit the subscribe button (gently),  sit back and enjoy as every new episode gets automatically delivered straight to your ear buds.

Oh and one last thing, spread the love…

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